Fish Tycoon

Fish Tycoon 2.0.1

Manage your own aquarium


  • Unique, interesting gameplay
  • Easy to control
  • Colorful graphics


  • Very, very slow moving

Very good

Fish breeding may not be the most obvious choice for a computer game, but Fish Tycoon really makes a splash.

The aim of Fish Tycoon is to grow a thriving tank of fish through feeding them, cross-breeding the different types of fish, and treating any illnesses they might pick up. The ultimate aim is to create seven types of hybrid rare species of fish in order to win the game.

If you're expecting a face-paced action game then you'll be sorely disappointed by Fish Tycoon. The game is essentially Tamagotchi-style affair, in which your fish will grow and breed over a long period of time (the fish will even grow old when your device is turned off). Fish Tycoon is quite easy to get into, thanks to a handy tutorial mode, and you'll soon discover how to hatch eggs, feed, and care for the fish.

The graphics in Fish Tycoon are colorful and the fish are quite realistic. There are a few nice sound effects, though not enough in my opinion.

Overall, Fish Tycoon is a fun way of learning how to create your own aquarium - without killing any real fish.

Fish Tycoon


Fish Tycoon 2.0.1

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